Whats the point in being the richest person in the cemetery? I read that somewhere, and it’s never left me.

I guess for me, life is all about experiencing everything the world has to offer and leaving it in a better state. Building wealth in memories and experiences rather than zeros in a bank account is what living is to me. There’s more to living than being alive – that’s the point in this blog; collecting and documenting those memories and hopefully inspiring people along the way…  

Scuba diving - Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Hey, how you doing?

My name is Rick, an early thirty-something that sometimes feels a little lost. House, car, job, friends, wife-to-be. It’s all there but something is missing.

As I write this, I feel that missing thing is not having seen enough of the world and its people in my years on this planet. Sure, my mum will say I’ve done more than her and my fiancé will argue that I’m lucky to have done some of the things I have done, but no-one but me can shake the feeling that there is a bigger world out there and that I’ve not even broken the filmy surface of an ocean of possibilities.

I could be wrong but that’s my starting point.

The worst thing I can imagine is getting into my frail sunset years and feeling that I hadn’t done enough of the things I’ve wanted to do. Do you ever feel that?

This blog is very much me researching the adventures I want to take and documenting them as inspiration for you to do the same.

One of my favourite things to do is surf wanderlust and travel Pinterest boards and discover all these new places I’ve never heard of (or know little about) and Google them for hours. What I learn, I summarize in the Corners of the World section. These are the foundations and groundwork for my actual travels which can be found in Tread Everywhere. Any non-travel adventures and experiences of mine you can read about in That Time I…

Hopefully from these you’ll be inspired – that is my aim.

Top of the World - Grand Canyon

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Remember, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

To your escape,

Rick Eliason

12 Apostles - Great Ocean Road Trip