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19 Amazing Places In Europe You’ve Never Heard Of

Can you guess what the most visited tourist destination in Europe is? No, it’s not Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower – it’s Disneyland in Paris! But you’re not here for the popular, busy places – you want to avoid the overpopulated tourist traps, am I right?. There are 50 countries in Europe, each with […]

An Introduction To: Greenland

When contemplating your next holiday – even, your next adventure trek, Greenland is seldom most people’s first idea. An explorer’s dream, in this vast country you’ll experience the Northern Lights, icebergs bigger than you can contemplate, unreal jagged landscapes, a quietness you never knew existed and more. It is one of those places that is not often talked […]

Before I Die: Europe

There are 50 countries to explore in Europe by rail, road, boat or bike. Here is my pick of the top destinations to make sure are on your intinerary on your next road trip through Europe. Santorini Island, Greece When walking on Santorini Island you are walking on the result of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history […]

40 Things To Do In The Seychelles (Besides Lay On The Beach)

It all started back in December 2014 when I proposed to my girlfriend, Kate. I really didn’t think this through – apparently the groom has to sort out the Honeymoon! Is that a thing? Or is she just having me on? In a relationship where I have all the organisational skills of an Australian bush fire and […]