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That Time We… Honeymooned (Part 2 – Masai Mara, Kenya)

Part 2: On Safari in Kenya (Masai Mara) We left off in part 1 having just spent a night in the famous star beds to top off three amazing days in Loisaba. This part of the trip takes place towards the bottom of Kenya in the Masai Mara which borders the Serengeti in Tanzania, and […]

That Time We… Honeymooned (Part 1 – Loisaba, Kenya)

Part 1: On Safari in Kenya (Loisaba) Little did we know then, we’d come back from Honeymoon with a completely altered view of Africa, and the inhabitants of this little planet. Safari was never my first choice but I’d find out how wrong I was… Highlights: Entering the Loisaba tent for the first time with THAT […]